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Construction will begin in 2018 with a total estimated cost of $5.5 million. Can what we all imagine become a reality? We believe it can, with the help of people like you.

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Reasons to Give


Reason #1

There are dozens of community-service groups in the Lake Chelan Valley. The Community Center at Lake Chelan could be a place where these groups hold gatherings and meet in a safe environment.


Reason #2

With the limited gym space in the valley, AAU teams will be able to practice and play in the new regulation-sized indoor court. We would love to see Lake Chelan host some of the largest tournaments in the region!


Reason #3

With our large McDonald’s-like play area, parents with young kids can meet in a safe environment and enjoy a cup of coffee while keeping an eye on their little ones.


Reason #4

We think Chelan Valley Young Life, the Chelan Teen Center and Thrive Chelan Valley are all great resources for our community and teens.

The Community Center could be a place where adults invest in the lives of middle school and high school kids, making an impact on some of their most impressionable years.


Reason #5

The Community Center at Lake Chelan would fit anywhere from 500-700 people. This opens up space for large conferences, concerts and plays. The opportunities are endless!


Reason #6

We want to help meet the needs of the unserved and underserved. And in times of crisis, people will be able to find temporary shelter in the Community Center.


Reason #7

Several offices will be available to rent for new start-ups, local businesses or non-profits at an affordable rate. This is so needed in our valley!