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Our Story

The Community Center at Lake Chelan was founded when the RealLife Lake Chelan church began searching for a new place to meet on Sunday mornings.

Rather than being another church building that sits dark way more days than it gets used, The Community Center at Lake Chelan, at its core, is a multi-purpose building – for the community, with the community.

Through careful planning and generous giving, seven acres of property for the Community Center at Lake Chelan have already been acquired. Plans have been developed for a practical, multi-purpose building to meet the needs of the ideas we have imagined.

RealLife believes that as long as an idea is nor unbiblical, unethical, immoral or illegal then it is on the table. This means that they will do the things other churches aren’t doing in order to reach people who may not attend church. The Community Center is a gift to our community and an extension of the mission of RealLife Lake Chelan.

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